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About Basiloid Corp.

Basiloid Products Corp. first developed the "Lift-A-Pliance" lift truck attachment over forty years ago. We are not only the pioneer in what is known as the "Top Handling" method but the leader as well. Our "Lift-A-Pliance" attachment was developed by the founder of Basiloid Products, Lloyd Hobson. Because of his efforts, the "Lift-A-Pliance" is in use throughout the world. Major companies, from Canada to Australia, Europe to China, have discovered "Top Handling" as an extremely effective method to reduce product damage and save valuable space.

Founded in the era of World War II and incorporated in 1952, our continuous goal has been "to aid all customers, large and small, improve the way they do business".

A free video or CD is available that will explain how this mechanical lift truck attachment may be the answer to your material handling needs.